I have never owned a gun before and never took any handgun courses. I found this course and instructor to be very informative with good gun safety and handling. I feel very confident, after completing this course, to handle a gun safely and knowledgeably. This is an excellent medium for concealed handgun safety and licensing. Thank you.

— Charli

I am not new to firearms but did learn quite a bit during the training video.

— Donna

I took this course to obtain my CHL because it is a lot quicker than waiting in line all day. I am already qualified and did not see the need of further class or range time to get my certification. This was made for Veterans like myself! God Bless

— Edward

Mr Leach was very informative and the video was easy to understand. I would highly recommend Virginia Concealed to fmaily and friends.

— Adam

Valuable course and information. Learned much about basic safety and hand gun care and handling. The information about handling ammunition misfires was especially valuable. Passed my test and now have my certificate to take to the court for processing. The course is excellent and enjoyed taking right in the comfort of my own home. Instructor was well-prepared and easy to understand. Thanks for this!!

— Stephanie

The instructor was thorough and concise. Thank you!


My husband and I both watched the course and then took the test. Very well presented. We definitely felt more knowledgeable about guns and gun safety after the course, and we learned a few things like how to correctly hold a gun when not shooting, how to dispose of old bullets, and the difference between a clip and a magazine.

— Michelle

Despite having some prior gun safety training through the US Navy, I learned several things through the video that I didn’t know before, and I feel substantially more educated on the subject of gun safety, care, and handling. Thank you Virginia Concealed, and thank you Mr. Leach, see you on the range.

— Chris

As a very experienced gun user, this was a piece of cake. Had my first gun when I was about 7 years old and fed the family with it during the depression.

— John

Good video. I will recommend to friends. Thanks.

— Jason

I just watched the video and took the test, was really surprised at how much i did not know, was very informational. I will definitely put what I learned into practice, not just me but my family. Thanks

— Thomas

I am an experienced gun owner for many years. I was brought up and taught about firearms my whole life. The information in this video was very useful and informative. All points were covered very clearly. I would highly recommend this video for anyone who was considering their concealed carry permit, also anyone looking to be informed properly about firearms.

— Austin

The information was clear and concise. The instructor made the course interesting and informative.

— Henry

Hello! Well I found the course informative and useful. The process was easy and I will recomend the course to others. Thank you!


The course was great! It was easy to understand the instructor.

— Sheila

Enjoyed the course. It was well taught, to the point and easy to understand. I would recommend to anyone seeking a Concealed Carry Permit.

— Fred

First of all I was surprised that I could take the test and get a certificate online. The instruction video seemed to be thorough and the instructor was easy to understand. It made me more aware of what I need to do to be a safer firearm owner.

— Osgood

This was a very good class i enjoyed very much. Thanks. I hope i don’t have any problems at the court house.

— Tiomthy

I have been wanting to get a concealed carry permit and didn’t know how. This really helped me out thanks very much.

— Allen

This was a very informative course, the basics are using commonsense when handling a weapon. If you don’t have that a classroom is not going to teach it! I took the online course because it was fast and convenient and it was cheaper then a classroom. But again if you lack commonsense the last thing you should be doing is getting a CHP.

— Jim

I thought the program was great! I loved the ability of completing this at my home instead of in a classroom. It allowed me to pause the video and replay important information again and again. I would definitely recommend Virginia Concealed to anyone looking to obtain a concealed permit.

— Jessica

Info easy to understand and well presented.

— Herbert

Excellent presentation and excellent way to get Certificate of completion.

— Randy

This online certification greatly simplified the C/C process for me. I have former police training in firearms and have taught all these principles to my own family in the past. This course was a good, solid reminder. Thank you.

— Lee

I am a Texas resident, and have taken the on site 10 hour classes, and passed. I would have to take a 3rd time to be able to take online. This way online was more convenient way for me to update it. Thanks.


Great experience! Learned more than i already knew!

— Aaron

I thought the instructor did a very good job, it was informative and easy to understand and follow.

— Debbie

Fantastic class, easy to navigate, concise, complete and easy to understand. Thanks!

— Charles

This was quick and simple, watched the video, took the test (no trick questions), printed the certificate, went to the courthouse and applied for my permit.

— Tom

Very good and easy to follow. Watching two times helped me to ace the test the first time.

— Michael

I was somewhat anxious about going to take this test. When I saw I could take the test online I was thrilled. I made my home quiet, sat down and took it. I passed and am happy.

— Janet

A good course. Keep it up!

— James

I had a concealed carry 10 years ago and let it expire. This was easy to get the certificate I need to get my concealed carry back. Thanks!

— Gary

I have been wanting to get certified for the last year or so I made up my mind today to do it. It surprised me how much information I got from Mr. Leach’s lecture. After that the test was a snap. Thank you very much!

— Richard

Good basic information in an enjoyable presentation.

— Adam

I liked the class, showed me a few things I need to work on.

— Justin

So easy, so fast, so convenient. Thank you.

— Allyce Carloss

With a previous concealed handgun class in-person in the past and with military experience, I thought a one-hour class would be insufficient. I was wrong. The instructor was calm, professional, to the point, and very effective with his personal stories and videos to support his instruction. I highly recommend this course!

— Oakley

The class was very informative and easy to understand! I also really enjoyed taking the class in the privacy of my own home in a little over an hour instead of spending more time and more money to take a class at Bass Pro!

— Britney K

As a former police officer and deputy sheriff, I found this process very straightforward and professional. The instructor was knowledgable and personable. I would recommend this course to anyone with some familiarity with firearms.

— Bob Willey

A concise but very informative course. My experience with hand guns is limited, and the information that you provide has significantly increased my confidence to be able to handle and use a weapon safely.

— Dick

This online video was informative for those unaware of having a firearm. I like the idea that I could take this safety course online.

— Connie

Very informative. Thank you very much for making this accessible online. I have two children and my husband works long hours, so its hard to find time to go to a traditional class.

— Michelle

This was a GREAT way to get your certificate. It was fast, east, and informative. I would recommend this site to everyone.

— Christopher

Great course that provided information on a lot of key points in handgun safety, handling, operation and cleaning.

— Mr. Jackson

The instruction was informative and I have learned so much more than I knew. I enjoyed being able to learn at my own pace and go over twice so it was clear and I understood what the instructor said.

— Lisa

Every part of the training was extremely well explained. It helped me understand the principles of safety and how to handle a gun. Also helped me to learn many other things related to cleaning, handling the gun, troubleshooting, cartridge malfunction, etc.

— Edna

This course is great and very helpful. I love that I was able to get the full knowledge of gun safety and practice while in the comfort of my own home.

— Jawuan

This course was very clear and to the point, very good job! Thanks so much.

— Bastrop

This course was simple easy and very informative. I can not believe this way so simple and the amount of knowledge covered in just a short time.

— Corey

Thank you for making this process informative, educational and simple. It was somewhat like taking the Hunter’s Safety Course all over again. Thanks again!

— Mr. Bertsch

This was a very good course for anybody wanting to get their concealed weapons permit. Very easy to follow and very educational.

— Lenny

This was such an easy yet VERY informal course! It did not drag on so it was easy to retain information.

— Caitlin

This could not have been any easier! Excellent presentation! Thank you for a job well done! Also, very interesting the way it was broken down and was easy to understand!

— Richard

Great course.

— Marvin

This was great. I would say to any gun owner this is a great way for a certificate of completion.

— Waldron

This course was very informative and designed to teach the basics to anyone looking to carry a concealed weapon. I was looking for a non-resident carry permit due to the varying reciprocity laws within the 50 states. Well done!

— Bryan

Everyone should take this course. Its a great detailed lesson.

— Richard

Extremely easy and satisfied.

— Kandi

Outstanding class! Thank you for making this class clear and thorough.

— Tim

Very good course. The instructor was on point with his safety, which to me is most important.

— Chase

I enjoyed the class. Very informative and clear instructions that was delivered in a very nice manner of instructing and informing the viewer. Thank you very much.

— Marcelo

I looked at a few other online courses for C.C. and noticed that they had no contact numbers or didn’t reply to emails I sent with questions. You guys got back to me instantly and took care of all my questions. I didn’t have time with the schedule I work to do a class in person and have been hunting and shooting since I was 8 years old and just wanted the permit without the hassle. You guys made it possible. Thanks.

— Stephan

I do think your course was great!

— Nancy

This training is very good and covers all required subject mater.

— David

Thank you for such an informative and straight-forward program. The instructor was easy to follow and listen to. As a busy single Mom, this was exactly the educational format I needed! And I applaud you for the ability to fit the word “cattywompus” into a gun training video! LOL!

— Angela

Great video! Very informative! I liked how the video class was not monotone and it was “up to date”, as in it related in an engaging way. I will recommend this to my friends that are considering getting their concealed permit.

— Andreas

Excellent information & I was able to learn in the comfort of my own home. Thank you!

— Char

Great course. Good presenter; easy to understand and doesn’t talk down to the listener.

— Samuel

I have been a weapons instructor in the British army for 26 years and have much experience with firearms. I thought this course was excellent and the instructor was very professional and confirmed my knowledge and skills. I think this course would be excellent for anyone requiring basic firearms safety training.

— Darren

Wow, quick and easy to understand. Easy process. Thanks.

— Albert

Very clear and easy to understand even for a guy whose first language is Spanish. Thanks a lot.

— Antonio

Course was excellent. Prepared me well for the test (I passed). Laid out all the information I needed to get permit.

— Alonza

This was a great class. I recomend that everyone take this course. It was simple and plain. It taught me things about guns, and gun safety that I didn’t know. When you think you know it all you don’t. Thank you very much the instructor knew what he was talking bout.

— Ronald

Excellent course by excellent instructor.

— Cary

I think that the online course for hand gun concealed permit is a great way to obtain Virginia’s permit that covers several states.

— Darwin

From the beginning I was skeptical about an out of state course. After much diliberation I finally took the plunge and took the course. The course is very easy to understand. The knowledge that the instructor has combined with his physical examples enabled me to absorb the material. I was afraid that I wouldn’t pass the course but anyone that just listens and sees the examples will pass the course. I was surprised that I answered every question with ease. I’m very gratefull that you have knowledgeable instructors with teaching skills. Thank you for making my course experience a memorable one.

— Johnny

Thanks for having this class available.

— Oliver

Instructor very knowledgeable and course very informative. I enjoyed it.

— Patrick

I thought the class was of great importance and learning in how to handle a fire arm in the proper way, and being instructed by professional person.

— Robert

The training session was informative and helpful to me. The presenter was easy to follow and listen to.

— Thomas

This course was very informative and I learned a few things that I was taught otherwise.Thank you very much and I look forward to being a CHL member.

— David

Good common sense class worth the time.

— Paul

Very easy and well put together training program.

— Gordon

The video was very informative and to the point. It gave all the important information on carry concealed. I like how it tells you over and over again about being safe practice and learn about the firearm your going to carry.

— Mouse

This course was easy to understand and can be completed anywhere you have time to be able to do so. I learned a lot from this course. My best friend watched the video with me even though he already has his concealed carry and he learned some things that he didn’t even know. I definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have the time to go out and sit for several hours in a classroom when they need to be at work.

— Kristina

Very concise and well presented material.

— Scott

Thank you so much for being straight forward.

— Joy

Very informative would and will recommend this course to friends and family!!

— Clifford

I was fortunate enough to be taught at a young age how to respect a firearm. This video was quite informative and refreshed alot of the training I received early on as a child. Very well done!

— David

Great refresher course. Haven’t owned a gun for a the better part of a decade now, so I wanted to get back up to speed. The instructor gave great tips for all types of situations and is a great course for anyone wanting to obtain their concealed carry in Virginia!

— Christian

Excellent video, great information, easy to follow specially from my own home. Very well presented. Thanks

— Rony

Great class. Even though I’ve been in the military and around guns. I learned some really good information from the class. Thank you.

— Kelly

Excellent video, this is how it should be! I have been a gun owner since childhood and did not want to spend 2 days on a class and two separate trips, the online version is short and right to the point! He explains everything very well and is a comfortable pace to keep up with. All and all it was great! Took less than an hour!

— Ryan

This class was a great review after retiring from the Navy and applying for my conceal carry permit here in Virginia. I am a regular at the C2 range.

— Mark

I have been around firearms since I was born. The video was good. Thank you for the opportunity to get a certification.

— Matthew

I found the instructional video very informative easy to follow. The instructor made the info easy to follow and did not use language that was over the head of a first timer.

— Karen

Very well presented video, explains what I consider the basics of gun handling, but well done. Easy to follow, informative and easy to watch.

— Paul

I liked the course. Had my Granddaughter with me watching the video she now understands why the finger can’t be on the trigger all the time. Thank you.

— Curtis

This is a very informational class and has a knowledgeable instructor.

— Tim

Class was direct and to the point. I’m ex-military so I have a background with weapons and safety but for a novice very informative.

— Robert

Thank you for having this class online. I work 55 hours per week and I don’t have time to go and take the conceal class. Video is well explained and very easy. Thank you again!

— Jose

Great tool. Very intuitive, the instructor was very thorough in his delivery for the safety and the handle of fire arms. Thank you, for the opportunity to participate in the program.

— William

Very knowledgeable, communication simple and direct. I was confident in taking the course. Thank you.

— Sherdonald

Great, short course that covers the basics quickly and concisely. Good for anyone who is considering obtaining a carry permit or even already has one. Never hurts to review the basics of safe firearm ownership and use.

— Ray

With a previous concealed handgun class in-person in the past and with military experience, I thought a one-hour class would be insufficient to cover all the info needed. I was wrong. The instructor was calm, professional, to the point, and very effective. My brother-in-law is also looking for a good class to take. I’ll definitely recommend this site!!!

— Chuck

I  enjoyed the course and it was easy to follow. Most of the info I already knew and some of it was new to me, but all in all great lesson.

— Steven

Excellent course! The instructor was very knowledgeable and had very clear diction. It was easy to listen to him speak.

— Sandra

Very informative and easy to understand. Covered all of the basics.

— John

Great online class! Quick and easy to get done! Thanks!

— Rob

I am a single mother of autistic twin sons. When they were born I had let my CHL expire. No time to renew. I live in Texas. I found out about being able to do this online with you. It was perfect for me to be able to get this taken care of, on my time, while my sons slept. Thank you for making it possible for me.
Gratitude from Texas!!!

— Maria

This was an excellent experience. I’ve been permitted and carrying concealed for many years. Due to the changes in state laws my current permit is not recognized in as many states as it used to be. The training video was informative, clearly presented and relatively short. I got a 100% on the test.  I decided to do this here because the alternative is spending a day in some classroom. Thanks.

— Doug

Outstanding instructor and the on-line course was very concise and informative.

— Danny

I truly enjoyed the ease and comfort of taking your online instructional Concealed Carry Permit Course.  It is extremely clear and informative. Nothing is in there that cannot be applied to the practical use of the viewer. Very nicely done.

— Robert

Very good safety course. My husband and I both enjoyed it. Very good instructions on how to handle your firearm and of course, safety.

— Barbara

Course was very informative. I have a better understanding about firearms. With the practices shared here, there will be less accidents and a greater appreciation for firearm safety.

— Haywood

I just finished watching the video you guys provide, and I think that it is a very informative and great introductory way of being introduced into the world of firearms. GREAT JOB!

— Josh

I thought the format of this website, program, and safety video was excellent. I haven’t applied for my permit but just finished the website tonight. I will watch the video with my children repeatedly to stay sharp. Excellent website!

— Jay

Thank you very much! I have had firearms since I was 9. Now 59 and still learned from your video.

— Jerry

This is a very professional, no nonsense course that will help anyone interested firearms safety. Process was fast and easy. Site is well designed and easy to use.

— Dan

Great benefit to do it on line and rapid response as to the results. Great!

— Samuel

I really enjoyed the class. You made everything simple to understand and I learned quite a bit, along with common sense things I already knew.

— Darlene

Great course for beginners and reminder for others.

— Mike

I appreciate the opportunity to have the right to apply for a CHL. The video was very informative. I watched it twice and what was interesting to me was the position of t he index finger and the impact it had on pulling the trigger. I didn’t give it much thought of the gun pulling to the right or left. Thank you for the video. I have been through a training course and it was not mentioned.

— Frank

Course had the right content and was very well delivered. Excellent online course.

— Charles

I appreciate the convenience of being able to view and take the test on line . The information and the test is an additional step that makes a person realize how VERY IMPORTANT SAFETY is in your every thought and movement!

— Richard

Loved the course. Easy to understand, didn’t take long, and I learned a few “little” things I didn’t know. Highly recommend!!!

— Mark

Awesome! Video had great information to give when dealing with hand guns. You have to be aware and focus on what your doing when handling a gun. This video taught me a lot about using hands gun but more importantly my state of mind when handling a hand gun. Perfect video! Great test! Very Simple process!!

— Kevin

I have handled and shot guns for over 30 yrs. and found the information in the course useful. Thanks!

— Harold

I really enjoyed taking this course. I worried about learning all the information, but it was taught in a easy to understand manner. I would recommend this course to anyone.

— Crystal

I thought it was very well done. Thank you.

— Brian

The course was extremely well explained. This reinforced the idea of going over information quickly that was concise and to the point, I passed my test and now can apply for my permit. Thank You.

— Candice

I have taken several gun safety courses over fifteen or more years. I also visit the range about once or twice per month. This training video is excellent and is one of the most complete I have seen. It covers topics not emphasized in some courses I have taken, such as types of ammunition failures and what to do when encountering them. Thank you.

— Joseph

Your course was very informative and a great way to brush up on the basics of firearm safety.

— Richard

Good day,
I am a single parent of a 24 year old that is totally incapacitated. I have many concerns about being home alone or traveling to visit relatives in rural areas without protection. My son is too big for me to physically carry in the event the car breaks down and walking down a country road is awful while pushing a wheelchair.I could not bare the though of running and leaving him behind in the event of some not so nice person comes along. Your class has made it easy for me to learn safety tips, and knowledge about using and carrying a hand gun. I appreciated the attention to details of loading, unloading and clearing safety points. This class did not take up a lot of my time as I have very little of it these days. The instructor Mr. Leach was very clear and direct in his presentations. I will be recommending this class to others. Thanks

— Lynda

I learned a lot through the video and passed the test.

— Dan

Great Video.  The instructor was amazing. I’m looking forward to learning more about firearms.

— Fred

I feel I know a lot about shooting but learned some things and I am sure improved my safety in handling. I thought the course was valuable and decided to apply for the certificate of completion so I can use it to get a conceal permit.

— Jay

I thought the course was fantastic. Everything was precise and to the point. Easy to understand and very educational. Thank you.

— Enmanuel

A very good and concise course. Very detailed and informative. Great job guys. Thanks.

— Robert

Very informative. Thank you very much for making this accessible online.

— Jerry

The training video was very thorough regarding the safety use of firearms. I have been shooting firearms for quite a few years, but the training video was very informative and I think everyone should watch it, even if you’re not getting a concealed permit. I actually called and spoke to customer service before watching and taking the test and they were most helpful. Good to know that they are there to help. My thanks to all.


Just wanted to tell you the class was very educational. I will recommend to friends.

— Donald

Class was very informative, well done in easy to understand instructions. I learned a lot, thank you!

— Carolyn

The course was excellent and no wasted time.

— Jason

Very nice video.

— Dave

Very good class. I have been NRA instructor since 1990, and I was very impressed.


Good information, well taught, easy test.

— Doug

Your course was informative and to the point, thanks.

— Collins

I think the class was very useful. I spent 27 years in the military and was required to shoot for 11 years due to my marksmanship skill level. I found this class to be very informative both in the use of a weapon and shooter safety. Thanks.

— Robert

I really injoyed the class it was really interesting and it tells you a lot about what, where, when, and how to do a lot of things. The instructor was easy to understand and was very knowledgeable. Great Class.

— Michael

Loved your course. Though already having a ccw with the state of Utah, I am happy to get an additional one through Virginia. The information was a great review of the importance of safety when using a concealed weapon. Thank you for making this course and certification available.

— Rey

The video was very helpful and easy to follow. Everything was explained perfectly and I appreciate he demonstrated throughout the video. Thank you!

— Dena

I took the training and it was very informative. I was made aware of a few issues during the training.

— Luis

The test was quick and easy.

— Bert

I got my concealed carry permit after passing this gun safety course. It is easy and simple…I recommend this course for anyone wanting to get a concealed carry license.

— Randy