Concealed Carry Test

For safety purposes, the gun handler should always:
How to avoid the two main causes of handgun related accidents; ignorance and carelessness:
The best description of a cleared handgun is one that:
When is it okay to have ammunition around when cleaning or preparing to clean a firearm?
With regards to children and firearms you should:
What are two of the more common malfunctions associated with ammunition?
You can dispose of damaged or unusable ammunition by throwing it in the garbage as long as it is going to a landfill.
In the class you just took we teach "don't show." Indicate which choice below is the best statement:
We teach “practice, practice, practice”. When it comes to practice, which of these statements are true?
When cleaning a gun, oils and solvents should never come into contact with ammunition:
With regards to a handgun, “double action” means:

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