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Get the online training required to obtain your Virginia Concealed Carry Permit.

Virginia Concealed Carry Permit is honored in up to 34 States

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It’s FREE to take the course!
Only pay if you want to be certified.

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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

 It’s FREE to take the course! Only pay if you want to be certified.

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Complete Your Training

Complete the online training course. The course takes under an hour to complete.


Download Your Certificate

Download your Certificate of Completion today or have it rush-delivered by mail.


Apply For Your Permit

Use your Certificate of Completion to apply for your concealed handgun permit. Instructions included.

Which States?

See which states recognize the Virginia Concealed Carry Permit for VA Residents and residents of other States.

Virginia Resident Permit recognized in this state
Virginia Non-Resident Permit recognized in this state
Virginia Non-Resident Permit recognized but residents of this state must obtain a permit from their home state

What The Law Says

Virginia allows residents of Virginia to take their qualifying concealed carry safety course online pursuant to 18.2-308.02 (B)(7) of The Code of Virginia. This course meets the Virginia educational requirements for your concealed handgun permit.

It’s our mission to help responsible gun
owners protect themselves and their families.

This business is Veteran owned and operated. We’ve worked to protect your rights and freedom. Now it’s your turn to exercise those rights and freedoms. We believe every law abiding citizen should defend and use their rights to legally protect themselves and their loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does this course get me?

This course fulfills the educational requirements needed to obtain a concealed handgun permit from the state of Virginia. Once you pass our course you then need to take your certificate of completion we issued you to your local circuit court (VA Residents) or the mail it in to the Virginia State Police (Non-residents) to obtain your permit. Instructions are included when you purchase your certification.

Why an online course?

This course makes it easy for people that find it difficult to schedule and get to a live classroom but still want quality education that legally qualifies them for their Virginia concealed handgun permit. This thorough knowledge based course can be done in one setting and takes about an hour to complete.

Is this legitimate?

Yes, Virginia has been allowing online firearms training for obtaining a concealed handgun permit since 2009. Our knowledge based training course was designed to meet the requirements of Virginia State laws for obtaining a concealed handgun permit.

What are the course certifications?

Our business is veteran owned. Our instructors are NRA Certified and BCI State Certified. Our certificate of completion is fully guaranteed. We’ve been in business for over 6 years and have helped thousands of citizens across the USA obtain their permits.